What is SEO, The Works?

Leveraging on the experience acquired in the last 10 years of working on SEO projects for small and mid-sized businesses, SEO Works is a comprehensive package to get you targeted traffic and drive business growth. To conduct accurate research and analysis, we simply require you to provide some details about your business, products and services, your competitors and your goals. Don’t worry if you are unable to provide all the information, I will patiently explain how everything works so we can draft the right SEO strategy to make Google fall in love with your website. You can rely 100% on my professional service and ongoing support.

Do you want to compete with the biggest competitors in the local search space?

We know the answer is Yes! We know you don’t just want to compete, but rather outpace them!

Keyword Analysis

Together we develop an actionable SEO plan based on personalized SEO audit and competitive research. We start by looking at your current search rankings to see which pages have top rankings, identify keywords you are already ranking for and make recommendations on optimizing your website content around those keywords to boost traffic.
We also focus on a few other aspects of SEO that bring easy powerful results

  • Improving low-quality content pages
  • Checking and fixing media content usage
  • Reviewing internal links
  • Improving page speed
  • Optimizing media resources
  • Implementing structured data in your web pages

Competitive Gap Analysis

Using state of the art SEO analysis tools we identify valuable keywords that you are not ranking for but your competitors are. Then, together we come up with a list of content ideas and various content formats that best will work in your niche market. This leads us to create a content marketing strategy that will increase online visibility for your brand, drive more traffic to your website and convert more visitors to customers. Read more here about bringing more traffic to your site