Link Building can improve organic rankings

Organic link building is an important component of your SEO strategy, one that takes time to implement and do it right, and it carries quite a bit of weight when Google ranks your website. When you first think about it your mind goes to high authority domains with the goal to have them link to your site, and that is totally understandable. In essence link building it is a simple link from one website to another. However doing it effectively means understanding internal links, backlinks and external links therefore the it is important to work with an SEO professional who understands Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Local Backlinks

Backlinks are basically links that live within the content of a web page on other websites. They are considered one of the top three Google’s ranking factors.
Generally, the main purpose of a backlink is:
1. To link back to your website
2. Help your website rank higher in search engines
3. To have maximum visibility to your local audience.
4. Build trust

There are various tactics used to build links and each has its own complexities.

Here is one tactic local businesses can take advantage from:
It is perfectly acceptable and desirable to acquire backlinks from trusted and authoritative domains, say The Globe and Mail or Forbes. However, a local business should try to acquire natural links from other influential local businesses, possibly local sites that your customers visit in a regular basis. Some possible local links could be local newspapers, local community bloggers, or local event pages.
Those links are quite valuable because they speak directly to people you do business with, your customers.

That’s just one tactic and there are a bunch of different ones, some easier than others to execute, however choosing the right tactic can make the difference between higher rankings and harming your reputation online.

Therefore, local SEO consulting services have become increasingly important to ensure your link building campaign is successful and outperforms your competitors.

How do we do that?

  • Research your competition, including what content are they publishing, the format, how and who are they linking to?
  • Identify all possible link building opportunities within your niche, links within your content, external links, backlinks, from local high authority websites that relate to the same type of business as yours.
  • Using different link building tactics we will create a solid link building strategy that in the long run will generate more quality organic traffic to your website, increase trustworthiness in your local community.

In addition to using state of the art SEO software for research and analysis, quite a bit of the SEO work we do is manual research which often is necessary to uncover insights.

Building backlinks
Local link building