What is on-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to the work involved to optimize the web pages in order to improve organic rankings on Google, Bing and other search engines. It is the important groundwork the local SEO company does, primarily related to the content optimization for user intent and technical SEO, which creates a solid base for developing and implementing a tailored SEO strategy for your business.

In depth on-Page SEO and website analysis

Local SEO Rankings will perform an in depth on-Page SEO audit which will provide important insights about the health status of your website and identify areas for improvement. All website elements which influence the position of your web pages on Google, will be analyzed and provided in a clean report which serves as the next step to a successful SEO campaign.

Analyzing important on-Page elements

Here are some of the on-Page SEO elements that we will be looking at:


  • Heading tags – <H1> heading tags must be properly formatted, and descriptive to make the user experience better and also making it easier for the search engines to understand what your page is about. Where possible, it is best practice to use targeted keywords in the heading tags.


  • Page titles – Are equally as important as heading tags and should include keywords. As per Google’s guidelines, it is best practice to only capitalize the first word in the title and any nouns or terms that must be capitalized

  • Meta descriptions – Are particularly important for search engine result pages and help users find what they are looking for when they visit your site. It is best practice to use targeted keywords in page meta descriptions


  • Indexability and Crawlability – In order for pages to rank properly they must be indexed first. All website pages will be scanned to ensure they are all being indexed correctly


  • Location-based keyword optimization – Optimizing for just the main keywords may not be enough when you are looking to rank locally. We make sure your content is optimized for keywords specifically for your location.


  • Call to action – elements placed strategically on the highest converting pages can help convert those leads that would have been potentially lost.

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