Let me help get found in local web search

Your local SEO consultant with your best interest at heart.  Specializing in local SEO, Eddie relies on proven and accurate SEO strategies and ethical industry practices, while working to create a solid online presence for your business, improving your local rankings and lower your customer acquisition costs.

I’ve helped many small to mid-size businesses and local business owners optimize their online properties, over the last 10 years.  I make data-driven decisions and am committed to helping your businesses drive quality website traffic, reach your target audience and convert more website visitors to customers.

How can an SEO Consultant help my business?

Optimizing your website for the search engines involves multiple tasks, some more complex than others. From keyword research to user search intent, link building to mobile SEO to crawling and indexing, not to mention technical SEO, it can be overwhelming for a business owner who is continuously multitasking and always looking after clients.

That’s where the SEO consultant comes in. As someone who has an in-depth knowledge of all components of search engine optimization and understands that each client is different, the SEO consultant can guide you on choosing the right approach to start improving your online visibility.

Can I do SEO myself?

I hear this question being asked a lot and the answer is not that cut and dry. So, Yes and No. Before we go any further let’s make one thing clear: SEO is not as simple as set it and forget it. You can see where I am going here… some SEO tasks are time-consuming and often the outcome may not be as expected.

Here are some of the reasons why the DIY SEO process can be unsuccessful

  • Lack of training and understanding of SEO best practices
  • Improper application of SEO
  • Lack of technical resources
  • Time constraints

I also provide SEO training and education for small business owners, because how you engage with business partners, customers, clients, the business relationships you build, whether in person or through social media, play a significant role in the overall efforts to optimize your online visibility.

Did I mention that I am located in Mississauga, just 20 minutes west of Toronto!