What are landing pages?

Landing pages are simple action-driven web pages, designed specifically to serve as destination page from your paid advertising. The main and the only purpose of a landing page is to get your website visitor to convert into a lead, by subscribing for a service, free trial, or purchase a product. Unlike a traditional web page, a landing page should be free of the navigation menu and other distracting design elements. The landing page allows you to capture the prospects information as a trade-off for what you are offering, through a simple and effective lead capturing form.

The importance of landing pages in Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns

There is a close triangle relationship between the keywords you use, your ad copy and landing pages. Each element should be well optimized to boost the chances for your ad to be seen by more prospects, increase the click through rate, and maximize the ROI.

Understand your prospect's search intent

Understanding who your customers (buyer personas) are, what keywords or keyword phrases they use, what is the tone they use, is key when writing the perfect ad copy that will get your ad seen by your target prospects. See some tips here on how to create content catered to your audience

I’d rather have my ads seen by 100 prospects who can connect with my brand and my offer and convert, than by 1000 people with whom that ad copy does not resonate.

What makes a good landing page design?

Whatever your message or offer is, make it crystal clear and let visitors know what specific actions they have to take in the landing page. Each of the following landing page elements must be treated as equally important.

Create a strong landing page headline

Make it stand out. It is the first thing that will capture the visitor’s attention. Copyblogger estimates that 80% of visitors read the headline, so a well-written headline increases the chances that the visitor will continue to read the rest of your landing page content, fill the form and ultimately convert to a lead.

Use attention-grabbing visuals

Images and videos are a powerful way to enhance your landing page offer. When you use high-resolution images you improve customer engagement, encourage website visitors to click on the call to action and increase the conversion rate. Using original photos of your business and your happy customers to tell a story, creates a feeling of trustworthiness and increases credibility for your business. If you run a type of business where using original photos is nearly impossible and you choose to use stock photos, it is best practice to modify or customize them.

Here is a study by BrightLocal on how images can make your business more trusted

Provide value in your offer

The important questions to answer here are:

  • How will the offer benefit your customers?
  • Why should they give you their email, phone number?
  • Why should they

To write an effective ad copy for your landing page offer and to resonate with your customers we make sure to

  • Research the right keywords and keyword phrases
  • Research your target market
  • Write a memorable ad copy incorporating keywords effectively

Google Keyword Planner

Add an effective and simple lead capture form

A simple and optimized landing page lead capture form is essential to converting prospects. At this first stage of your customer’s journey, it is considered a best practice to keep the form as short as possible and to choose the prominent placement of the form on the landing page, so it is visible without forcing customers to scroll.

Don’t forget the Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) must be well thought, engaging enough and placed in a prominent spot on the landing page, as it is important in the overall success of your campaign.

Consider the colours you use for the call to action button. Here is a useful infographic on how colour affects purchases

Designing effective landing pages

Whether you chose to have a custom designed landing page or a customized template, when you work with a professional website design company in Mississauga, experienced with creating and testing hundreds of landing pages, rest assured that you will get:

  • Clean design that will appeal to your customers
  • Ad copy that speaks the language of your target audience
  • Mobile friendly fast loading landing pages
  • Monitoring and tweaking the landing pages based on performance metrics, optimize PPC campaign performance while maximizing your ad budget spend.

Our goal is to help local businesses like yours create high converting landing pages that get your customers to click on your offer and increase your sales. We are focused on maximizing the results of online marketing and Pay per Click  (PPC) campaigns.