Increase visibility online, convert more leads to customers.

The primary objective of search engine optimization is to lay the groundwork for your website to start converting visitors to sales leads. To be able to do that successfully, the SEO consultant you choose must have an in-depth knowledge of how search engines work, a combination of good HTML knowledge, JS programming, analytics and being able to explain data in plain English.

If you’ve been thinking about starting an online business or adding an e-commerce component to your website, most likely you have questions such as:

  • How can I attract more customers to my online store?
  • How can my local customers find my business in Google Maps?
  • What queries are my customers using when searching for products or services like mine?
  • How can I generate more interest on my website in order for more people to find me?
  • Is my website optimized to rank locally?

Our search engine optimization expert can help you answer all those questions, and work together with you to develop the SEO strategy to boost your website traffic and grow your online business. Leveraging on the multi-year experience acquired working on website design in Toronto and search engine optimization projects for small and mid-sized businesses, Local SEO Rankings will help your local business acquire more customers and drive business growth.

To conduct accurate research and analysis, more details about your business, products and services, your competitors and your goals are necessary to know. Don’t worry if you are unable to provide all the information, our SEO expert will patiently explain how everything works and draft a winning SEO strategy to make Google fall in love with your website. You can feel confident and rely 100% on professional SEO service, training and ongoing support.

Our typical customers are small and mid-size local businesses, e-commerce stores, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, independent artists, photographers, business coaching services, entertainment, construction and home renovation, law firms, realtors, to name a few. Our customers are not limited to a certain geographical area.

Be in control of your market space

By understanding your market and working together we can maximize the effectiveness of the SEO work and be ready to embrace changes. Through collaborative teamwork we can better identify business challenges, areas of improvement and opportunities for growth, learn from each other and ensure that the work we do in search engine optimization is the goal and action-oriented.

Local SEO

Is your website optimized for all local signals, so your business can be found by local customers?


On-Page SEO

Grab those quick win opportunities, just by doing the essential SEO work on you web pages.


Link Building

Increase authority and get more referral traffic. Discover where your competitors get links from?


Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords can make a difference between success and failure in  search engine rankings


Technical SEO

Javascript, CSS! What effects page speed? Crawling and indexing, technical SEO plays a big role in rankings.

technical seo


Show Google that you’re an expert in your niche! Publish quality content to increase trustworthiness and authority.


Local Business Listings

A solid Google My Business profile is super important for your business to rank when local customers search online

google my business


Backlinks are considered to be one of the most important ranking factors, and strongly related to the quality of the content.


Google Analytics

All the important insights about traffic sources, user behaviour, goals, help to understand how well your SEO campaign is working



Our Process starts with a Free Website Analysis. During our initial consultation, the main focus will be to understand what are your digital marketing challenges, how your current online presence meets today’s user experience expectations and steps we can take to help your business get discovered online and reach your target customers. This is the first step that will help us determine the right approach, so we can recommend the most effective SEO strategy that will deliver results in the short and long term.

Research & Competitive Analysis

Moving on to the second step of our collaborative efforts, through diligent work we collect the right data that will unlock insights to answer key questions. All this enables us to develop the right SEO strategy that delivers results.

SEO Strategic Planning

Our SEO team will define one singular objective plan and develop the strategy to help your business rank higher in local search. Whether your goal is brand awareness, convert leads to customers, brand repositioning, or grow customer loyalty, you can feel confident when you are making decisions based on data and analysis.

Implementation and Reporting

Time to put the strategy into action in all areas of local search that influence organic rankings. Our work will focus on all top ranking factors including Links, On-Page, Behavioral, Personalization, Citation building, Google My Business and Social signals. SEO campaigns will be monitored and analyzed to provide further recommendations to achieve your objective.

Why should you invest in SEO with Local SEO Rankings?

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